I am a passionate and versatile educator with a background in Cornish and English folk music. As a tutor and a workshop leader I have taught in schools, privately and on short courses. In 2017 I founded Crean Folk Camp in Cornwall to bring home some of the pedagogy I have been lucky to receive myself around the world in places like the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. In my lessons I love to draw on diverse folk traditions, art therapy, composition, movement, and free improvisation.

Crean Folk Camp


I offer private lessons to people of all ages, abilities and interests. Focus is on musicality, whether that be as a performer, composer, arranger or listener. Tuition is available in various styles including various folk music from the British Isles and Nordic, Eastern European and Balkan folk music, plus advice in how to develop in other genres.


As an accordion teacher I hold a passion for styles which demonstrate the versatility of the instrument. French chanson, Brazilian forro and Cajun-Zydeco are particular favourites to explore with my students. Even so, I find it yet more rewarding to find new voices in the accordion – re-imagining its sound and musical role – in more familiar genres. Above all I aim to help people express themselves and share a love for music.

Lessons are available in person or via video call. If you’d be interested tuition please drop me an email: tommieroff@gmail.com


I believe in co-created learning where responsibility and initiative is shared between student and teacher. While I strive to inspire others, I am also grateful to my students for all that they have taught me. Teaching is learning and only by embodying those ideals can we engage in education as a truly playful and creative endeavour.

A core focus for me is on developing learning independence and confidence through the use of musical tools and growth through reflection. By exploring the basic building blocks of music-making from new playful angles, all musicians can develop the skills for lifelong learning and fulfilled practice. A sandpit has many grains, but countless possibilities.