Projects I have been involved in range from solo concerts to orchestras, folk music to gypsy jazz. Working with various bands I have toured across the UK and parts of Europe. Currently I am immersed in nordic folk, focusing on developing improvisation. Here is a brief overview of some recent work.


Current Projects:

TEYR – London-based folk trio

Folk trio TEYR evolved out of London’s thriving session scene, combining bothy ballads, focsle shanties, folk tunes and Irish poetry. Their unique blend of voices and instruments draws links between the many sounds of the Celtic and British isles.


Farandi – Pan Nordic

Farandi are six musicians from five different countries brought together by a love of Nordic folk music. Presenting the best of Denmark, Finland, UK, Sweden and Belgium, they explore the full possibilities of acoustic music, from traditional to contemporary, from minimal to symphonic.


Other Projects Past & Current:

Crean Folk Camp
Tatcho Drom
James Patrick Gavin
Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra
Sam Lee’s Singing With Nightingales
Balagan Cafe Band
Secret Cinema’s Moulin Rouge
Gestalt Opera
Opera UpClose’s Die Fledermaus